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NB! Additional costs may apply due to complementary resources chosen after the VDC setup

Virtual data centre in the Lattelecom cloud with a fixed total amount of virtual resources.

We offer to use the virtual data centre in the Lattelecom cloud with a defined (fixed) total amount of virtual resources. The service has a fixed subscription fee for a definite period of time.

With vDC (Preconfigured), you will obtain resources (number of processors, amount of memory, disk capacity and connection bandwidth) that will allow you to create the necessary virtual machines for a fixed subscription fee, without worrying about unexpected expenses.

You will be able to select the virtual machines from the pre-prepared configurations or select the necessary parameters freely not exceeding the total amount of resources ordered.

For a convenient creation of virtual machines, we suggest you to use the library of virtual machine templates. We will provide you access to the virtual resources management tool “Control panel” to manage your virtual data centre.

In addition to the basic offer, you can:

  • select additional disks, Internet connection bandwidth, additional IP addresses and one of the operating systems offered;
  • add your templates of virtual machines to the platform;
  • use load balancing.

For additional safety you will be able:

  • to create VPN connections;
  • to use additional virtual routers;
  • to implement firewall rules.

The virtual data centre we offer (Preconfigured) is a fully automatized “IaaS” (Infrastructure as a Service) solution placed on the cloud computing platform “Lattelecom Cloud” and it is developed using the latest virtualization technologies.

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